This is where your story begins

Welcome to GTRLife.

We roleplay to the best of our abilities.

Fishers Island

GTRLife offers you a unique roleplay on the FishersIsland map!


We offer you the chance to play as a Mafia, Civillian or Rebel.

Civil, bandit or mafia

You can work honestly or, on the contrary, make the rebel or join a mafia, it's up to you to write your story


It's up to you to apply to the Government to become a successful entrepreneur, you just need to submit your file to the Government.



We offer you a mature concept with sophisticated functionalities
in order to offer you an unrivaled and exciting gaming experience.

High performance material

We host our servers on state-of-the-art hardware to give you a hassle-free RolePlay experience.

Team active

Like any project, it lives through you, the community. This is why our team works tirelessly to make the experience unforgettable.

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